Padstow Pre-school Newsletter

Summer Term – July 2019



Term dates: We break up for the summer holidays on Tuesday 23rd July and come back on Wednesday 4th September. Please note these dates are different from the school.  Please ask for a calendar, if you would like one.


Session times & fees: You should now all have discussed with Julie what sessions you would like for the autumn term (September). If you have any queries, please speak with her before the end of term. The hourly rate is staying the same for the next academic year at £4.75 per hour. If you have a 30-hour code, please give this to Julie before the end of term or you will not be eligible to claim 30-hour funding until after Christmas.


Tapestry: Please make sure if your child is leaving us this term, that you download their tapestry learning journal, if you would like to keep it. The link is only available until the end of July then it will be gone and you will not be able to download your child’s journal after that.


Pre-school Management Team: The pre-school urgently needs committee member to serve from September 2019. It involved 3 meetings a year and usually for about half an hour. The Pre-school needs to have a committee to be able to run the pre-school legally, without it we will be forced to close. Please help if you can. Speak to Lisa or Julie.


Returns: The pre-school is missing several pieces of clothing that have been borrowed, especially boys’ pants, socks and trousers. If you have any of these items, please could you return them.

All library book to be returned by the end of term, even if your child is not leaving us yet, so we can sort through them. Any outstanding fees to be paid by Tuesday 23 July.  May thanks for your cooperation.


School lunches: The school canteen will be closed until Monday 9th September when the school opens again. Please make sure your child brings a packed lunch the first week, if they are staying all day. If you would like a copy of the menu, please ask. The school will hopefully be setting up a system for us where you can pay them for lunches straight into their bank account. When more information is available, we will let you know what you will have to do.


Healthy Under 5’s News: The pre-school has now been awarded 2 more stickers towards achieving Healthy Under 5’s status for the pre-school, with one more sticker to go. We hope you have found some of the information useful. Below are some links to websites about car seat safety.                   

Cornwall council – search: child safety seat advice.


Accidental Poisoning: Did you know that manufacturers add a substance called BITREX to cleaning products etc? It has a nasty bitter taste that should put young children off drinking it and they should spit it out. So, look out for this on the labels, when considering what products to buy.


Finally, on behalf of the staff and management team, we would like to wish all the children who are leaving us to go into reception class, good luck and we hope your time at the school is a happy and positive experience. Have a great summer.

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