Complaints Procedure


As a member of the Pre-school Learning Alliance we aim to provide the highest quality education and car for all our children. We aim to offer a welcome to each individual child and family and to provide a warm and caring environment within which all children can learn and develop as they play.

We believe children and parents are entitled to expect courtesy and prompt, careful attention to their needs and wishes. Our intention is to work in partnership with parents and the community generally and we welcome suggestions on how to improve our groups at any time.

Making concerns known

  • A parent who is uneasy about any aspect of the group's provision should first of all talk over any worries and anxieties with the Pre-school/Club Leader.
  • If this does not have a satisfactory outcome within a couple of weeks, or if the problem recurs, the parent should put the concerns or complaint in writing and request a meeting with the Leader and the Chair of the Management Team. Both parents and the leader should have a friend or partner present, if required, and an agreed written record of the discussion should be made.

Most complaints should be resolved informally or at this initial stage.

Complaints Response

In the event of a complaint arising the following procedure shall be adopted:

  • If the matter is still not sorted out to the parent's satisfaction, the parent should again contact the chair.
  • If parent and group cannot reach agreement, it might be helpful to invite an external mediator, one who is acceptable to both parties, to listen to both sides and offer advice. A mediator has no legal powers but can help to clarify the situation. Staff or volunteers within the Pre-school Learning Alliance will be available to act as mediator if both parties wish it.
  • The mediator will help define the problem, review the action so far, and suggest further ways in which it might be resolved.

The mediator will keep all discussions confidential. She/he will meet with the group if requested and will keep an agreed written record of any meetings that are held and of any advice she/he has given.

The role of the registering authority

In some circumstances, it will be necessary to bring in the local authority registration and inspection unit who have a duty to ensure laid down requirements are adhered to and with whom the Pre-school Learning Alliance works in partnership to encourage high standards. The registering authority would be involved if a child appeared to be at risk or where there seemed to be a possible breach of registration requirements. In these cases both parent and Pre-school/Club would be informed and the Pre-school Learning Alliance field worker would work with the OFSTED Registration and Inspection Team to ensure a proper investigation of the complaint followed by appropriate action.

We believe that most complaints are made constructively and can be sorted out at an early stage. We also believe that it is in the best interest of the Pre-school/Club and parents that complaints should be taken seriously and dealt with fairly and in a way which respects confident


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