Day trip Procedure


Decide on destination, cost up for viability.  Book coach, making sure coach has seat belts, adequate insurance, is road worthy, driver is police checked.  Work out route taking into account comfort breaks. Visit venue if possible, fill out risk assessment form. Letters to parents and staff, to include destination, date, times, cost, meeting place, and to include a consent form for the parent/carer to sign for their child/children to attend and to travel by coach.  Work out staff ratio's (as per OFSTED standards).  Take into account any special needs i.e. diet, wheelchair access and travel sickness.


  • Day of trip, confirm coach and venue.


  • Have a record of children's contact no.s, staff contact no.s, and emergency contact no.s (chairperson or caretaker).


  • Cheques for coach and venue with you.


  • Take first aid box, sickness bucket, mobile phone, refreshments if needed.


  • Ensure the children's personal belongings are secure in a safe storage area ie; bags in racks provided on coaches, all purses and wallets named and handed to a member of staff.


  • Take register before leaving for destination and on return journey.


  • Ensure you disembark in a safe and secure place




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