Equal Opportunities Policy


The Pre-school Learning Alliance is committed to helping Pre-schools provide equality of opportunity for all children and families. As a member of the Alliance Padstow Pre-school, and the Bees Knees After School Club, works in accordance with all relevant legislation, including the Disabled Persons Acts 1958, 1986; Race Relations Act 1976 (amended 2000); Sex Discrimination Act 1986 and the Children Act 1989 (amended 2004). The Equality Act 2010 encompasses all acts in this policy after 30th September 2010.

We believe that the group's activities should be open to all children and families, and to all adults committed to their welfare. We aim to ensure that all who wish to work in, or volunteer to help with, our Pre-school and After School Club have an equal chance to do so.


The Pre-school/Club is open to every family in the community. The waiting list is not operated on a first come, first served basis but on a fairer system. Please see Admissions Policy.

Families joining the Pre-schooi/Club are made aware of its equal opportunities policy.

The Pre-school/Club offers a flexible payment system for families with differing means.


See Staffing and Employment Policy. Festivals

Our aim is to show respectful awareness of all the major events in the lives of the children and families in the Pre-school, and in our society as a whole, and to welcome the diversity of backgrounds from which they come.

In order to achieve this, we aim to acknowledge all the festivals which are celebrated in our area and/or by the families involved with the Club/Pre-school;

  • Without indoctrination in any specific faith, children will be made aware of the festivals which are being celebrated by their own families or others, and will be introduced where appropriate to the stories behind the festivals.
  • Before introducing a festival with which the adults in the group are not themselves familiar, appropriate advice will be sought from people to whom that festival is a familiar one.


  • Children and families who celebrate at home festivals with which the rest of the group is not familiar will be invited to share their festival with the rest of the group, if they themselves wish to do so.
  • Children will be encouraged to welcome a range of different festivals, together with the stories, celebrations and special food and clothing they involve, as part of the diversity of life.
  • The named person that ensures that the pre-school reflects the cultural, religious and social differences of the children and families that use the setting is Julie Nicholls.

Play Opportunities

All activities will take into account social, physical, intellectual, emotional, creative and cultural play.

All activities will be suitable for all.


These will be chosen to give children a balanced view of the world and an appreciation of the rich diversity of our multiracial society.

Materials will be selected to help children to develop their self-respect and to respect other people by avoiding stereotypes and derogatory pictures or messages about any group of people.

Special Needs

The group recognises the wide range of special needs of children and families in the community, and will consider what part it can play in meeting these needs.

Planning for meetings and events will take into account the needs of people with disabilities.

Discrimination - Behaviour and Remarks

These are unacceptable.

The response will aim to be sensitive to the feelings of the victim(s) and to help those responsible to understand and overcome their prejudices.

The group recognises that many different types of family successfully love and care for children.

Discrimination - Language and Behaviour

Language or behaviour designed to be offensive to any of the groups outlined in our statement is unacceptable and will not be tolerated in the group. Membership rules and notices to users should explicitly state that discriminatory language or behaviour is not acceptable.



Information, written and spoken, will be clearly communicated in as many languages as necessary.

Bilingual/multilingual children and adults are an asset. They will be valued and their languages recognised and respected in the Pre-school/Club.


Medical, cultural and dietary needs will be met.


The time, place and conduct of meetings will ensure that all families have an equal opportunity to be involved in the running of the Pre-school/Club.

All staff working at the Pre-school must be aware of the new guidance on Prevent duty. See sub policy in Safeguarding.


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