Payment/Pricing Policy and Practice


On admission to the Pre-school/club, parents are advised of the following payment procedures:

  • At no time are payments to fall more man two weeks in arrears.  In such cases, a polite reminder note will be issued.
  • Discussion to take place with parents who will be advised that they may forfeit their child's place in the Pre-school if arrears are not brought up to date.
  • Parents to be advised that if there is difficulty in paying they should approach the Chairperson, Manager or Assistant Manager of the Pre-school/Club in order to discuss a plan.

Funding and the Payment of Fees

Parents have a choice of paying fees daily, weekly, monthly in advance, half termly in advance or whole term in advance.

Parents must pay to keep their child's place open (if they are absent fees will still be payable). Failure to do this will result in the child's place being reallocated to another child on the waiting list. If parents wish to keep their place secure at the Pre-school/Club they must inform staff if they are going on holiday, of any illness, or hospitalisation etc., where the child is likely to be absent for a while.

Where there is no contact from the parents after two weeks, the Pre-school/Club will assume the child's place is no longer wanted, an invoice will be sent and the place will be reallocated.


If you are claiming any government benefits you may be able to claim a percentage of your child's fees that you pay to us.  The term after your child turns three years of age, they will be eligible for Early Years funding. Your child may be entitled to two year old funding, depending on your personal circumstances. Please contact Julie or Lisa to discuss in confidence if you fit the criteria for the funding.


Up to date prices are displayed on the 'Notice Board' in the Foyer of the Pre-school.


Holiday Club


A cancellation fee of £5.00 will be charged if the Pre-school is not informed on the day that your child is unable to attend.




There will be an additional cost for outings, which is to be paid prior to the event taking place.  Fees will include snacks, refreshments and all services provided by the Pre-school/Club.



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