Padstow Pre-school Physical Activity Policy




Padstow Pre-school believes that engaging in physical activities is essential to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

All children are encouraged to take part in a range of age appropriate physical activities as part of their day.

Every effort is made to raise awareness about the importance of physical activity to both children and adults.  

Parents/Carers are welcome to come and participate in any of the physical activities the setting provides.



Management of the Physical Activity Policy

Our policy for physical activity is co-ordinated by Julie Nicholls

Members of staff and all our partners including parents/carers and our children (where possible) have been consulted about this policy.

The policy is referred to in the setting brochure/prospectus and is communicated widely. It is adhered to by everyone involved with the setting. All parents receive or have access to a copy of this policy.

The impact of this policy is reviewed on an ongoing basis to reflect any new guidance. The policy is communicated to the setting and new families/staff are made aware of its importance.

The policy will be discussed at staff meetings and activities associated with physical activities will be planned and implemented through termly and weekly planned activities. Parents are informed of any clothing etc. i.e. boots and waterproof coats, so children can take part in the activities. The policy will be reviewed on a yearly basis to reflect any new guidance.


Policy Aims


The main aims of our physical activity policy are:

·        To increase activity levels of children and mothers, fathers and carers through the provision of a supportive environment conducive to the promotion of physical activity

·        To raise awareness of the need to be physically active in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle


Here at Padstow Pre-school the activities provided encourage a range of basic skills and link in with local and national recommendations where both indoor and outdoor physical activity is supported to ensure that children within our pre-school are active.


Padstow Pre-school is also aware of local and national requirements to reduce childhood obesity. At Padstow Pre-school, each child is given opportunities to reach their full potential and ability, with further provision for enhancing all round development.



Equal Opportunities


All children at Padstow Pre-school, including those with special needs are entitled to a comprehensive programme of physical activity opportunities which allows everyone to improve their skills of co-ordination, manipulation, control and movement to develop positive attitudes towards physical activities including sports.


Padstow Pre-school are also inclusive of children from different cultures and religions and staff are aware of the need to be sensitive to individuals’ beliefs about what is acceptable in relation to physical activity. Staffs are creative in their approach for inclusion of children from these backgrounds in relation to physical activity.




Supportive Environment


Padstow Pre-school endeavours to produce an environment, which promotes physical activity throughout each day by providing a range of equipment and resources and staff deployed to support children within our environment. And take part in the planned activities. We also zone different areas to provide different types of play.

There is an identified member of staff trained to conduct risk assessments and establish suitable arrangements for off-site visits; parents are welcome to accompany us on off-site visits.  Although managing risk specifically refers to play provision, there are elements of risk associated with physical activity. Staff members at Padstow Pre-school are aware that for children to learn about managing risks associated with physical activity, the provision aims to respond to these needs and wishes by offering stimulating and challenging environments. Through these environments, children need to explore and develop their own abilities and by providing these types of situations the provision aims to manage the level of risk so that children are not exposed to unacceptable dangers.

All staff are aware that if the physical activity provision which they have planned is not challenging enough for children it is likely that children will seek risks elsewhere in an environment that is not controlled or designed for them.  However, children need to be able to take some level of risk within a controlled environment in order to deal with problem solving skills.


Partners with Parents/Carers

Parental support is vital to help young children make the most of being active all day and every day.  By working closely with parents and carers we can ensure that the families that attend our nursery are aware of the importance of physical activity for their children and themselves.

We display information about events in the local community, including places of local interest and family activities you and your child can do there.

We communicate with parents and carers about our physical activities through:

·        individual parent meetings

·        newsletters

·        notice boards

·        setting’s website and face book page

·        informal contact at drop off and pick up times.

We require parents’ support in getting our children ready to play outdoors by providing clothing for your child to play outside in all weathers (apart from the most extreme weather conditions).  They’ll need a warm coat, hat and gloves for the winter months and if possible, wellies and waterproof clothing for wet weather days.

In the summer, sun hats, sun cream and thin long sleeved tops are essential for hot weather, and parts of the garden are shaded.


Active Travel


At Padstow Pre-school we promote active travel.  Active travel is valuable for keeping us all fit, especially children.  It involves using activities such as walking, pedalling a bike or trike or using a scooter to travel. As well as offering both children and families an opportunity to build physical activity into their daily routine, it provides a great chance for young children to learn about road and pedestrian safety.

We can store, buggies, bikes, trikes and scooters at the pre-school.




Date policy implemented: 17th January 2019

Review Date: January 2020


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