Areas of Learning and Development

Personal, Social & Emotional Development

Making Relationships

Making friends, playing co-operatively and taking turns.

Personal, Social & Emotional Development

Self-confidence & self-awareness

The children make choices when engaging in activities.



Personal, Social & Emotional Development

Managing feelings & behaviour

Learning to share, to consider the needs of others and to take turns.



Communication & language

Listening & attention

Paying attention and joining in during story time.




Communication & Language


Following instructions during a musical instrument session.

Physical Development

Moving & handling

Developing mark making skills.

Physical Development

Health & self-care

Creating opportunities to learn about healthy eating and independence.




Making Father's Day cards and letter formation.




Showing interest in print and looking at books independently.


Shape, space & measure

Exploring weight and balance.



Promoting mathematical language and number recognition through play.

Understanding the world

People & communities

Watching the May Day strike up at school.


Understanding the world

The world

Learning about the different seasons and making Autumn tree pictures.


Understanding the world


The children use technological toys in their role play, such as the telephone and the till in their shop.


Expressive arts and design

Exploring and using media and materials

Construction using Knex



Expressive arts and design

Being imaginative

Engaging in imaginary play with the work bench tools.

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