Areas of Learning and Development

Personal, Social & Emotional Development

Making Relationships

Making friends, playing co-operatively and taking turns.

Personal, Social & Emotional Development

Self-confidence & self-awareness

The children take responsibility of washing their own cup and plate after snack.



Personal, Social & Emotional Development

Managing feelings & behaviour

Learning and coping with new routines. 



Communication & language

Listening & attention

Paying attention during story time.




Communication & Language


Following instructions during a cookery session.

Physical Development

Moving & handling

Climbing trees in the garden.

Physical Development

Health & self-care

Creating opportunities to learn about healthy eating and independence.




Making books and stories of their own and writing their names.




Listening to and joining in the a story sack.


Shape, space & measure

Arranging shapes to make a "dinosaur" picture.



Reciting, ordering and recognising numbers.

Understanding the world

People & communities

The children listened to Andrea read the story of Christmas when we went to see the crib exhibition at the church, as part of our Christmas celebrations.


Understanding the world

The world

Planting and watering the flowers in the patio tubs.


Understanding the world


The children use technology to support learning in literacy.


Expressive arts and design

Exploring and using media and materials

Using media and materials to create our Christmas display.



Expressive arts and design

Being imaginative

Engaging in imaginary play in the Ice Cream Parlour.

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